Colorful sheets

 Bita Company can produce PVC foam sheets in various colors and in special occasions the product can be produced in the customer’s desired color.
Currently, the company produces primary and widely used colors. The customers can choose their preferred color code in th catalog.
Colors used in the production formulation are provided by the best PVC color producers. These colors are resistant to UV rays and do not change over time. These colored sheets obviate the consumers’ need for coloring raw sheets. So the color does not flake off due to consumers’ painting. And for sure it takes less time and money. So that all people working in the cabinet industry can easily make their required parts with PVC edge banding machine.
One of the future plans of the company is producing PVC sheets in different fantasy and wood designs. Research is done in this area and the necessary machines are installed. In near future, Bita PVC sheets will be released in various designs. By launching this project, Bita Company would be able to produce PVC foam sheets in matte or high gloss coat.